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The Holidays Are Here...

If you can’t even begin to think of all the stress that goes into pulling off a holiday meal – the shopping, the prepping, the cooking, the serving and then the clean up…sit back and relax.

SJ Hot Chefs are here to help.

With over 40 member restaurants, SJ Hot Chefs are a passionate group of culinary professionals who enjoy celebrating the holiday season. They want to ensure your time is spent enjoying your friends and family and not hanging out in the kitchen wondering when the turkey will be ready.

Why not contact one of your favorite SJ Hot Chefs to see all of the available catering options?

SJ Hot Chefs are all locally based in Southern New Jersey and they all share the same passion for providing great food coupled with great service.

The SJ Hot Chefs often incorporate locally grown, harvested fruits and vegetables in their dishes.

With a little help from the SJ Hot Chefs, you can enjoy the holidays with your loved ones without the added stress of meal planning and preparation.

If you’re looking for a quaint venue to host a holiday party, be sure to contact your favorite SJ Hot Chefs for space availability.

Our rooms fill up quickly, so please make your reservations soon.

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